Translation from Spanish by Igor Gerek[1]


I write you, time’s ear

I write you,

early skin,

when the light’s edge is an odd gesture.


In each step the clarity is a leaving shadow

who undresses in silence, as if the drizzle were gone

and its side stretches its arm, cleans my forehead.


Sometimes I climb the lights

until your isolated core

and I drink as a lost fish

in your belly-fountain,

liquid memory

were my gills lie down.


Sometimes I climb the lights,

I embrace the most solid twinkle,

the density of your sleeping skin

gravity that pronounces me.



Upright before the wind.

the noon’s warm gives us respite.

Time shows itself as an absurd permutation.

Behind each face

rehearses of catalepsy.

I blow into your bones once again,

I fall on my feet on your pupil.

You slide like a stifled cry.

Choral dance in the weave of your chest,

slow destruction of your solid dream,

of your self-absorption behind the sidewalks,

of your hidden abyss,

ashes, end of the route.

One word cools and falls down.

Disintegration of names,

they go toward the mouths

toward the pierced regions of skin.

The fissure in the dream observes us.

The arms’ asphyxia.

The sun walks inside

braids the night.

The pieces of the light enclose the membranes.

The learned words move back.

I sketch that countenance.

Its incomplete figure opens its eyes.



I organize you, I auscultate your skull,

I wash neatly the nostalgia,

I fasten it on the net in pieces.


I auscultate your skull.

Nostalgia of fish-scales.

The contact with the nets.

The circulation walks away.


Your clay skull at the edge of the temple.

In the shipwreck’s dance,

the beauty of the I so far from itself.

The eye that awaits for itself in front of the mirrors.

Disappearance and encounter with the outside.



I guide you with my blind eyes

and your fear turns back.

Sometimes the windows should be abandoned,

their appetizing frame,

their warm intermission.

You embrace the discontinuous sight.

It is not a misstep

when you lean on a moving soil

or you awake with the fright in the forehead.

This is a living soil,

like your blood moving forward.

I guide you with my blindness in blossom

so you can open that shadow in your chest,

and you can see the clear throat of the night,

and on the glowing soil

you can turn on your steps and dance;

because with a widened eye you will see

this territory’s fugue

the fugue of the simulated firmness,

the flight of the mortal boredom;

and you will follow my desolated lights

toward the inverse cardinal points.



They look at each other in the mirrors

and share out the fear of the reflection in flames,

they embrace the skeleton

or only their absents’ tibia

to hide themselves, you, rosy and tristy

and you cook vegetables,

sand stories.

Sometimes they count behind the walls

until one hundred, slow and silent

and they coincide in the shadows

broken mirrors

destroyed light.



I go down,

like everyday,

against my knees,

I leave.

This is the hearing in your snore.

The deaf exploration that nourishes,

and makes us fall.

The clear route to the humus,

to the primordial struggle.

The inner insomnia.

The promise of outside.

The risk of the cutting threads

with their shiny edges,

delicacy of sleeping bees.

Announcement of a dangerous implosion

of the devoured flights over the delicious fever,

we touch asphyxia

in abundance of air

full of opacity and ashes.

[1] From Insomnio vocal (Alastor, 2016)




  1. Está en ingles.

    ________________________________ De: gociterra Enviado: domingo, 25 de junio de 2017 03:55 a.m. Para: Asunto: [New post] insomnia

    Ethel Barja posted: “Translation from Spanish by Igor Gerek insomnia[1] 1 I write you, time’s ear I write you, early skin, when the light’s edge is an odd gesture. In each step the clarity is a leaving shadow who undresses in silence, as if the drizzle were go”

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